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Director's message

DirectorWe are dedicated to the task of creating leaders with zeal and commitment to Merchant Navy. We achieve this by imparting to the aspirants knowledge of government and merchant navy, infusing in them a sense of nation pride, decorative value, and empathy for common people and including leadership quality.

Value Added Courses

Course Days Starts
ISPS Code Awareness programme for Ratings (Security Training) 1 Check NMTC
Practical Electrical Familiarization (PEF) 3 Check NMTC
Practical Hydraulic Training for Officers 3 Check NMTC
Advanced Hydraulic Course 5 Check NMTC
Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (O.P.A.90) 1 Check NMTC
Maritime English (ME) 2 Check NMTC
Bridge Team Management (BTM) 3 Check NMTC
Bridge Resource Management (BRM) 5 Check NMTC
HAZMAT (IMDG Code Course) 1 Check NMTC
Marine Environment Protection Course (MEPC) 1 Check NMTC
LNG Familiarization 3 Check NMTC
Steam Endorsement Classes for LNG Vessels. 15 Check NMTC
Practical Workshop Skills Course 10 Check NMTC
ECP-MEP Course 1 Check NMTC
Shipboard Safety Course 3 Check NMTC
Berthing Simulator 2 Check NMTC
Large Vessel Maneouvring Course 2 Check NMTC
Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) 4 Check NMTC
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) 1 Check NMTC