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DirectorWe are dedicated to the task of creating leaders with zeal and commitment to Merchant Navy. We achieve this by imparting to the aspirants knowledge of government and merchant navy, infusing in them a sense of nation pride, decorative value, and empathy for common people and including leadership quality.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy

The primary function of the Merchant navy is to transport goods from one place to another. It is the most essential component of world economy. More than 90% of goods are transported all over the world using ships.

Imagine a world without ships, no oil would reach refineries and all petrol pumps would be forced to shut down also all other transportation would shut down because they would not get their fuel. Farmers all over the world would be destroyed because fertilizers would not be available to their farms or worse a crop harvested in a place would not be able to reach the required market. Steel manufacturers and cloth manufactures would close down their industries and the world would go back to the Stone Age and yes you wouldn’t be reading this article because newsprint and the ink would not have made it to the printing press.

Now that you know and have an idea of what the Merchant Navy is and how it affects your life, read more to know how you can make a career out of it.


If you are a student of science or Mechanical Engineering and if your age is between 17 and 25, if you love the outdoors and have an aptitude for working hard and of a friendly disposition and if you do not like the idea of working on a desk from 9 to 5 then read about an exciting career in the Merchant Navy.

Merchant Navy as a career option has been around for quite some time, but due to it being an industry within the niche sector, many students are not aware of the career option in this field. Merchant navy is the most exiting and lucrative career that can be offered to any young student as a career option and it certainly is not a 9 to 5 job in the office. An officer at a very young age is given responsibilities that his peers ashore can only dream of and the remuneration is of course the best comparable to any of the top professions. So to know more about this career read on and learn about a career option that you didn’t know existed.

Career options in the Merchant Navy:

So what work do people do on board ships? Is life one big cruise for them? Let's explore the possibility of a career in the Merchant Navy.

Ships carry passengers and cargo from one place to another, so they require to be loaded properly. Ships are also navigated and that requires a lot of skill, and since ships are made of steel and ply in saltwater they also need to be maintained from time to time all these jobs are carried out on board by Navigating officers or Deck officers.

Ships are like a floating city, propelled by huge engines, generators which generate electricity and also a host of other machineries that are required for the day to day running of the ship, all these jobs are carried out by Marine Engineers on board.

Generally a Navigating officer or a Marine Engineer would spend 4 to 6 months on board a ship and once his tour of duty is over, he/she gets to enjoy half of time spent on board as leave, in this case 2 to 3 months of holiday.

The remuneration for a mariner is very lucrative and a 3rd officer or a 4th Engineer who is of 23 to 24 years is expected to earn Rs.1 lakh per month while on board, whereas a Chief Engineer or a Captain earns anything between Rs.3 to 4 lakh per month while on board.


Navigating Officer

Academic and Health Requirements:
To work on board as a Navigating officer one needs to have the following qualification, either be a XIIth science student less than 22 years with PCM marks more than 60% marks or a BSc graduate with more than 60% in either Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Electronics but with Physics as a subject in any one year and age less than 25 years. In both cases a student must have more than 50% marks in English in the XIIth standard. Since this is a profession where a lot of time is spent in Navigation, a student who wishes to join the Navigating stream must have a 6x6 eyesight without glasses, no colour blindness and be of perfect health.

Different Ranks & Career Path in Merchant Navy:

  • DeckDepartment
  • EngineDepartment
  • Catering / Saloon Department

Career Prospects:

Qualification as a merchant navy officer can lead to opportunities throughout. Since the marine sector is growing, there are strong prospects for work. The merchant navy provides a range of career paths, with opportunities at sea and onshore. Following are the career options in merchant navy.

Deck Officers:

The officers from this branch primarily look after the ships navigation, loading/unloading of cargo and the general maintenance and administration of the ship. The officer joins in the rank of 3rd officer and is subsequently promoted to the rank of 2nd officer, Chief Officer and finally the Master/Captain of the ship.

Engineering Officers:

These are the officers who are qualified in Marine Engineering. They join as 4th Engineer and step by step, get promoted to 3rd, 2nd and Chief Engineer ranks, subject to their passing the competency exams and performance onboard the ship. The Engineering department in addition to looking after the main engine, are also responsible for associated equipment like power generation, equipment, cranes, pumps and air-conditioning etc.


There are three kinds of ratings - deck, engine room and catering. Deck rating is responsible for cargo handling, mooring/unmooring and general maintenance of the ship. Similarly the engine room ratings assist the engineering officers in maintenance and operation of engines and associated equipment. The catering crew consists of Steward and Cooks.

Catering / Saloon Department:

This department is responsible for preparation of food and meals for the crew on board. They also maintain living quarters of the crew and the mess halls. This department includes Chief Cook, Second Cook & General Steward. One can join Catering department only as General Stewards or as Second Cook after doing required Pre-sea training.

The Merchant Navy mainly deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. It has different fleets composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, Bulk carriers, Car carrier, containers as well as the other special types of vessels. Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo across the globe for Import & Export business.

The Merchant navy career options mainly includes the following category :

  • Navigating officers (Deck side officers)
  • Marine engineering Officers (Engine side officers)
  • Crew members (To assist the officers)
  • Specialized officers (Electrical officer, Radio officers)

Shipping companies offer these positions on contracts for a period of 6 to 9 months. After finishing the contract period, the officers can enjoy leave & whenever they want to join back, the company will absorb them immediately. Presently the demand for Marine Engineers & Deck officers are high worldwide. The shipping companies are facing great shortage for the Deck & Engine officers. Hence the trained persons are getting immediate job opportunities all over the world.


They are responsible for the navigation of the Ship, the loading / discharge of cargo, radio communication and the control / safety of the crew, and passengers. The chief navigator of the ship is the master, who decides the course of the voyage and maneuvers the vessel. He exercises complete control over the officers, crew and any passengers on board the ship. From the trainee cadet level, one will be promoted to captain of the ship with proper sea-experience & further exams.

  • Captain
  • Chief Officer
  • Second Officer
  • Trainee Cadets


The ship's engineers have complete responsibility of the ship's engine room i.e., the main engine, boilers, pumps, hydraulic fuel systems the ship's electrical generating plant and distribution system. From the trainee engineering officer level, one will be promoted to Chief Engineer of the ship with proper sea-experience and further exams.

  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • Fourth Engineer
  • Junior Engineering cadets


The GP crew involve with all kind of day to day activities to assist either to Chief officers in Deck side or Second Engineer in Engine side. One can get Promotion from GP crew position to Captain level or Chief Engineer level with proper exams and sea experience. The catering crew will perform the food preparation and kitchen activities. The specialized fitters & welders are very much needed for various types of vessels.

  • G.P Crew ( Deck & Engine crew)
  • Catering crew ( Saloon Department)
  • Fitters, Welders Etc.